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A Water Softening System That Works

If you’re dealing with hard water deposits, evident on your bathroom shower doors and the rings around your bathtub drains, then we can help with that. For years, A BETTER PLUMBING COMPANY has been providing water softening solutions to minimize problems like these. Hard water causes wear and tear on appliances, tile scum and dry skin and hair after a bath. Learn how our water softening services can improve the quality and taste of your water. Whether you need a water softening system installation or a water softening system repair, we have experts dedicated to your water treatment requests.

The Benefits of Water Softening Solutions

Although your city is mandated to treat the water for impurities, hard minerals aren’t removed during the process since they do not pose harm to human health. However, hard water can still manage to wreak havoc on your pipes and home appliances and leave a strange taste in the water your family drinks. Getting a water softening service from us brings home many benefits including:

  • Improving the overall taste of water
  • Improving the performance of water-based appliances
  • Saving you money on appliance repair, troubleshooting and water use
  • Helping you keep a cleaner home
  • Minimizing dry, itchy skin after bathing

A BETTER PLUMBING COMPANY offers excellent water softening services to treat water hardness and contaminant issues. Noticing watermarks on your dishes and shower doors? Then explore our water treatment services. Our water softening company in Saint George will help you save money down the road, improve the performance of your appliances, protect your pipes and improve the taste of your drinking water. Contact our Utah team and we’ll assess your system to establish the best approach in treating your water system.

The timeliness, quality and customer service was great! From the time I called till the time the leak was repaired was a total of 2 hours! That’s amazing! The pipes were corroded and broken, they repaired almost the entire water main valve fixture and fittings and it’s extremely well done. And the price was quite reasonable. Highly recommended

- Skyler Howes

I’ve known Jeff for over 20 years. Jeff has ALWAYS been quick, fair, and honest with me.
I have referred a lot of my own customers to Jeff and all of them have been extremely satisfied. He’s also easy on the eyes!
I wouldn’t even think of calling anyone else!
Thank you, Jeff!

- Chrissy Williams

I had a suspected leak by a hot water tank and water softener.  I found A Better Plumbing Company online and read the positive reviews.  They were absolutely correct! I had great service and Jeff was able to check my systems and reassure me they were working properly!  I couldn’t be happier and am sharing with my neighbors!,  You don’t find this kind of service often and everyone should use A Better Plumbing Company

- Elizabeth Remsburg-Bell

We sent a local plumber to repair a commercial faucet, and we received an EXTREMELY high estimate for the repair.  We got a second opinion from A Better Plumbing Company and they were able to make the repair for 1/3 the cost!  Not to mention how quickly they were able to make the repair, and how nice they were to work with.  Great communication, great service.  I definitely recommend A Better Plumbing Company

- Mikelle LeCheminant

Jeff is truly a Master of his Craft. He has done work for me going back 25 years. You can count on him and his team to get the job done right. I would recommend A BETTER PLUMBING COMPANY before calling anyone else.

- Scott Millett

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